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September 05, 2007


Gareth Garvey

You are never to old to use a shopping cart as a means of transport. Its just as much fun at 15 or 50. The only difference is how quickly the body recovers when (as it often does) it goes wrong. I totally agree with the view that (for many purposes)age is a state of mind. I dont feel much different now than when I was 30 (I'm now 51. I know people who seemed older than I am now when they were 20.

Christopher Richards

When you say 'just' a state of mind, I believe you are saying old like it is a bad thing.

What would be a better synonym, mature, refined, experienced, accomplished, wise?

I would not choose to be any younger, because it took me a long time to reach the state I am in at 56. I feel better now than at anytime in my life because I know that I don't know much, I am a better listener, kinder (I like to think),take myself less seriously, and grateful.

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