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I'm an avid student of life...committed to "lifelong learning".


Who is Steve Dragoo? I have been helping people solve their service challenges for a long time. Here's a look at my journey thus far:

•3 1/2 decades working with major food manufacturers, distributors, retailers and restaurants.

•Approaching 35 years of experience across all levels of the food business.

•Over 20 years experience with Fortune 100 food companies.

•Former National Accounts Sales Manager, National Sales Director, and National Director of Training and Development.

•Incorporated Service Solutions Consulting, Inc., a Consulting and Training company, in 2004.

•Certified by Pine & Gilmore as an "Experience Economy Expert" in October of 2006.

•Recipient of the EMA (Experience Management Award) presented by Strategic Horizons, LLP in September of 2007.

Scope of Training Assignments:

•Steve and his team have developed and/or conducted customer-specific training programs for a number of Wholesale and Retail Supermarket Companies, both Domestic and International, as well as within deCA (the Military Commissary system).

Steve has personally led training sessions for more than 30,000 individuals, from more than 2 dozen companies across the US, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Barbados, Dominican Republic, and Europe

•Is regularly quoted and published in a number of industry-related magazines and journals.

•Worked closely with a number of individuals at the Executive and Senior Management level; conducting “one-on-one" tutorial sessions to acquaint them with the prepared foods/deli industry, products and categories.


engaging experiences (of the 4-e variety) that involve family and friends, instructional and interesting trivia, working out/running, (watching & playing) basketball, meeting people from all walks of life., independent films, collecting obscure