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November 21, 2007


Vern at Aim for Awesome

Hi Steve... I noticed that you quoted Seth and I wanted to ask that you have a look at my post I just did about Seth's post. I'm not sure if you saw it in Seth's post, but doesn't it appear to be a blatant attempt to twist something into an advertisement for himself? He DOES monetize his blog. He IS making lots of money from ads on his blog and yet he tries to spin it to the readers as if he couldn't possibly 'charge' for reading his blog... well, nobody was talking about charging for it. The comment was that he should monetize it - add some ads. He could have said, I DO. I HAVE ads here.

But, instead he took us on a spin tour.

Just my idea. I like your blog - looks like you put some significant time into it! Good luck and best regards! Vern

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