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November 05, 2007



Hi Steve,

you said, "they won't until we make it CRYSTAL CLEAR that we in the online community will NOT TOLERATE this type of predatory behavior..."

We are listening and we heard you..so thanks for participating and letting us know what you think.

Not only did we listen...we are acting. As Lionel noted on our blog

"To better serve our customers, we're changing the process so customers who want the e-mail can choose to subscribe, instead of that process being automatic. Also, if a small business customer decides they no longer want the e-mail, they can go to the Subscription Center to unsubscribe." here is the link:

Thanks again for the feedback....and by the way, personally, i love some of your muusic musings, especially Diana Krall, Leonard Cohen, Elton John and Ray Charles :-)

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